Our approach is traditional, utilizing net worth as the primary underwriting criteria.  In addition to contract surety accounts, the company writes Public Official, Probate, Judicial, License & Permit and certain Miscellaneous Bonds.


Our team is small but our service is outstanding. You can expect a call within 24 hours. We prefer to issue agency lines to accommodate accounts with active bond needs.

Contract Bonds

The basic purpose of a contract bond is to guarantee completion of a contract according to its terms. Bonds include: Payment & Performance Bond, Subcontract Performance Bond, and Maintenance Bond.

Contract bond submission requirements:

  • Completed Contractor Profile Form
  • Previous three fiscal year-end financial statements
  • Personal financial statements for all owners or stockholders
  • Current Work On Hand Report
  • Completed Bank Reference Form
Contractor Profile Form
Personal financial statements Form
Work On Hand Report
Bank Reference Form

License & Permit Bonds

License and Permit Bonds are required by local and state governments to protect the public from damages caused by a failure to comply with applicable codes and statutes. The Long Form Application should be completed for bonds over $25,000.00.

General License & Permit Bond Form

License & Permit Bond Application – Short Form:

Word Doc

License & Permit Bond Application – Long Form:

Word Doc

*Long Form includes Financial Statement

Public Official Bonds

Public Official Bonds guarantee the faithful performance of duties by an appointed or elected official. Public Official Bonds are written for the official’s term of office.

  • Notaries Public
  • Appointed or Elected Officials (Clerk, Supervisor, Treasurer, Sheriff, etc.)


Public Official Bond Form

Public Official Bond Application – Short Form:

Word Doc

Public Official Bond Application – Long Form:

Word Doc

*Long Form includes Financial Statement

Probate / Court Bonds

Court (Judicial) Bonds are required to guarantee fulfillment of a court obligation. Probate bonds are required in court proceedings to guarantee faithful performance of fiduciaries.

  • Court (Cost, Indemnity to Sheriff, Replevin, Attachment, etc.)
  • Probate (Personal Representative, Guardian, Conservator, Trustee, etc.)
Probate Bond Form
Probate Bond Form w/ Acknowledgement

Court/Probate Bond Application:

Word Doc

Fidelity Bonds

Fidelity bonds protect the employer from dishonest acts of employee.

Fidelity Bond Application:

Word Doc

Miscellaneous Bonds

Miscellaneous bonds do not fit into any of the other categories.

  • Certificate of Title / Lost Title Bonds
  • Lost Instrument Bonds
  • Other Guarantees

Miscellaneous Bond Application

Word Doc